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From metal-chips, clocks and song shadows -Our solutions!

From metal-chips, clocks and song shadows -Our solutions!

Although we rose from the hardcore metal industry, we have evolved into other industries in recent years. Our hardware/software solutions can also be used for wood, make-up, plastic and many other materials. Because our products are designed to optimise your processes, make your everyday life easier and move you forward faster as a person and a company.

Our processing materials:

  • Wood - Spruce, Pine, Larch, Yew, Fir, Mahogany & many more.
  • Metal - stainless steel, aluminium, chrome & many more
  • Precious metals - gold, silver, bronze, platinum, copper, rhodium & many more
  • Stone - marble, sandstone, granite, limestone, slate & many more
  • Gemstones - onyx, diamonds, ruby, amethyst, sapphire, agate & many more
  • Porcelain / Ceramics - Dentistry
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Styrofoam
  • Other

Everything you can grind, mill or turn

Our customers come from a wide range of industries. Therefore, please ask us, we will then check to what extent we can be there for you. But we know from our years of experience that as an all-in-one service provider we can cover most of your needs.

The packages of MySolutions AG

Check the top players in a random industry and you will be surprised how many of them are already using products from MySolutions Group. With our software, be it a system like ERP, MES, CAD, CAM, WMS, CMMS, SCADA, PLC or one of our many other products, we help companies grow and become more successful. 

Numerous industries that are already satisfied with our solutions:

  • Dentistry
  • Medicine
  • beauty
  • aeronautical engineering
  • Automotive industry
  • Toolmaking
  • Wood construction
  • medical technology
  • Watch industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Goldsmiths
  • Traffic, Transport & Logistics
  • and others

Manufacturing solutions - hardware and software combined

With our modular total solutions, we can serve you as a customer from A to at least Q. One of a few all-in-one suppliers for your production. Our solutions are also designed for various integrations. Would you like an interface to your ERP system or is a function missing in your existing solution? - NO PROBLEM! We can put it together individually for you!

Don't despair - ask MySolutions!

Ask for your individual solution today

- Because that's what "M y S o l u t i o n s" stands for!

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